ISM Awareness

This course covers the ISM code, the resolutions that apply to the recognised organisation, the provision of SOLAS, ISM certification process, the audit process and corrective action and its role in Safety Management. The course can be customized for any company, using their S.M.S. documentation.
Four reasons to adopt the ISM code
  It makes your ship a safer place to work!
  It protects the sea and the marine environment!
  It clearly defines your job!
  It’s the law!
Course Content:
  Safety and Environmental Protection Policy
  Company Responsibilities and Authority
  Designated Person(s)
  Masters responsibility and Authority
  Resources and Personnel
  Development of plans for shipboard operations
  Emergency Preparedness
  Reports and analysis of non-conformities, accidents and hazardous occurrences
  Maintenance of the ship and equipment
  Company verification, review and evaluation
Identification card or passport
Minimum number of Attenders
Note to Client:
After successful completion of the course candidates will receive an International Safety Management (ISM) Code – Awareness course certificate.