Catering Course

(As per regulation 3.2 and guidelines A3.2.2 of the MLC 2006)
As you might be aware, since august 2013, ship’s cook must trained, qualified and found competent for their position as per regulation 3.2 and guidelines A3.2.2 of the MLC 2006. All catering staff must be trained in food safety and personal hygiene.
Aims institute of Maritime studies are an approved Ship cook Training and assessment center
At Aims institute of Maritime studies Maritime Ship’s cook trainings solves possible unpleasant “cooking” surprises and makes sure all culinary, hygiene and health requirements are met. We offer a diverse range of courses including:
Basic cooking principles,
Maritime Ship’s Cook Certificate Course
Indian Style Cuisine Practical Course
Italian Style Cuisine Practical Course
Continental Style Cuisine Practical Course
Filipino Style Cuisine Practical Course
Bakery course.
Food & Hygienic Course
Food Handling Certificate Course
Food and Galley Safety course
GS / Steward / Mess man Training Program
GS / Steward / Mess man Trade Test
HACCP Training
Laundry Man Training
Housekeeping training for offshore/Rigs/Accommodation Barges)
Besides the standard offer we can always, in close cooperation with the customer, define a custom-made training. All of these can be given at our Mumbai based training center. Cultural differences and/or a lack of specific Cuisine requirement leads too often to unpleasant situations, resulting in poor quality of food and budget excesses. Thanks to Aims Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) Maritime catering management system an efficient and transparent follow up of all catering related services is possible.
Aims Maritime catering Training will in many occasions reduce waste and improve overall quality of onboard food. Increased diversity and healthier food combinations will lead to higher crew motivation, less pharmaceutical interventions, which in the long run will result in increased staff retention.
Liberia Maritime Authority
Panama Maritime Authority (STC Panama)
Marshall Islands Maritime Affairs
Malta Flag Administration
Tuvalu Ship Registry
Isle of Man
Vanuatu Maritime Authority