Bridge & Engine Room Resource

This course is aimed at fulfilling that need. It deals with the development of human resources and managerial skills of the participants. The course is highly interactive, involving a number of group discussions and case-studies, and role-play exercises using bridge and engine-room simulators.
To identify the human resources and managerial skills necessary for enhancing safety, efficiency, and contingency management on board.
To describe the ways of developing these human resources and managerial skills.
To recognize the need of developing a positive attitude so as to make the best utilization of his knowledge and skills.
Course Content:
  Introduction to B.E.R.M
  Human strengths and weaknesses – the mind / body concept
  Understanding the ‘Human Factors’
  Effective communication
  Multicultural awareness
  Effective team-work
  Interaction between ranks
  Management and leadership on board
  Time management and workload
  Judgment and Decision-making
  The states of the mind
  Contingency management
  Integrated Case-studies
  Role-play exercises
  Summary – managing human resource
3 days
Suggested Target Group:
All management and operational level staff on board. Shore staff may also attend.
Identification card or passport
2 passport size colored photographs
5 years
Minimum number of Attenders:
After successful completion of the course candidates will receive a Bridge and engine-room resource management course certificate.